Blackberry, strawberry and Carob Vegan nice cream

There are lots of banana “nice” cream recipes out there. For the novice vegan this may be something you have never heard of, if so this one is for you.
I like adapting the basic recipe to find combinations that go well. There are so many possibilities when it comes to nice cream but this one is my favourite so far, especially as I like to keep things as simple and healthy as possible.

Since becoming vegan there is one thing I couldn’t live without and that is my blender. It did cost a pretty penny but has by far been my best investment ever!
If you don’t already have one I would highly recommend treating yourself to a high speed blender. I use a Ninja and absolutely love it! Ideal for making plant milks, nut butters and of course this vegan nice cream.

This recipe creates a nice smooth vegan alternative to ice cream, full of fruity flavours with a hint of carob.
Eating carob improves digestion, lowers cholesterol and contains Gallic acid that works as an anti-oxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic!
Carob has zero caffeine and includes other important micronutrients like:
* Vitamin B
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin E
* Calcium
* Magnesium
* Iron
* Potassium

It is a great alternative to chocolate minus the caffeine and goes extremely well in this dark fruits combo. Literally had my toddler running around after me with her bowl demanding more after finishing her first helping in just minutes!

Blackberry, strawberry and carob vegan nice cream


1 frozen banana
1/2cup frozen  blackberries
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1 tsp Carob powder
3 tbs plant milk


1. Put all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Add more plant milk if needed.
2. Transfer contents into a container and put in the freezer for upto 30 mins.
3. Serve.
Can be kept frozen upto 6 months. This recipe only produces 2 servings so if wanting to make a bigger batch just double up the recipe.

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