Welcome! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jenny Jaques. I live in North Wales, UK.

I am the mum to an amazing 2 year old. Who appears to already love cooking as much as me!

The daughter of a chef, you may say cooking is in my blood! Although I much prefer to cook for my family!

I’m so happy and grateful you have found my page and we can all share this journey together!

I found that when I first went Vegan I relied on the help of blogs, online recipes, and facebook groups to help with the transition.

So now I would like to give a little back and inspire people with my recipes.

With the time that has passed I have learned a lot about cooking vegan food and its a growing passion creating new dishes and providing homemade food for my family.

With the added of benefit of already having a degree in Film and Photography. Homemade Vegan was born.

Raising a mini vegan means I’m always looking to make things that are fresh, nurtrious and most of all quick and easy!

There is nothing better than homemade cooking!

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